What in the world am I racing for?

My dad has always been very apprehensive against my car racing. Been racing since I was in college and the adrenaline rush drives me nuts and yet makes me go faster than my engines can go on. I drive a Honda Civic 2005 when I go car racing and a Yamaha when I go motor racing. But sadly, the brakes are being repaired so I decided to let out my yearning to race through this blog.

I’m really kind of shy to show pictures of my recent races. Well, to tell you the truth, there weren’t much. But rest assured I’ll post pictures of my dream cars..

I said in the first part was, and still is, and forever will be, apprehensive against me racing. Maybe it is every parent’s instinct to protect their children against any harm. But then again, I’m of age, so and even if I was not yet of age back then I started to race. Got into a lot of accidents but then those scratches and burns just made me want to get back and drift outrun my friends.

Haven’t raced for a while and it makes my spirits low. With all the demands at work, really need something to fall back on. Going full speed while racing makes me think less and relieve myself from stress. Hopefully, my car will be fixed, soon.



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