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Car crash sensor: A car racer’s life-saver

Posted in car crash sensors with tags on December 14, 2007 by vastine

a racer’s life saver

My not-so discreet racing life had given me more than a few bumps in the head.

Want to share an almost fatal accident that I had just this year. My physical scars have healed, in fact, any seen traces of the injuries I have sustained were erased by the doctors, who happen to be my friends as well. One thing I find ironic is that the accident never ever, even for a minute, made me stopped to race.

Late night accident 

It was a cold and rainy night. Yeah, it sounds melodramatic, but it was really a cold and rainy evening. I think it was a few minutes before midnight. My folks were in Australia visiting my brother and his kids there. Angela was on night shif the hospital so I was home-alone and then out of my unconscious prayer, my friend, Jake, called and said there was a car race in two hours. Jumped out of my bed and put on a shirt, and went to the garage and an hour later, I drove to the place and saw 7 cars lined up. I made the last few adjustments to my car and revved up my engines.

Everything was going my way as led the pack. We raced downtown and though the rain had susbsided, it was still slippery, which I loved. But then as I was going to the intersection, I didn’t see that there was a truck parked in the left side of the closed market. My six senses (my common sense, included) were liked shut down, but something in my car made a loud noise as I was like a few feet away from the truck and I instinctively hit the brakes and the airbag zoomed out of my steering wheel. My car’s front part was crumpled like paper. The truck only had a few scratches.

If it weren’t for the car crash sensor, I’d probably be somewhere I wouldn’t want to be.

Saving grace 

Car manufacturers have been developing car crash sensors in order to lessen accidents on the road. Car crash sensors now offer control in cruising, car veering warnings, and a software that will make drivers brake harder during emergencies.

The car racing world is not also oblivious to the tragedie that racing can bring. Have heard this latest news about the NHRA mandating racing cars to install the crash sensor into their autos. They have ordered to install Blue Boxes, for all nitromethane-burning cars. The car crash sensor was a result of 7 months of rigorous testing of the following:

  • helmet and driver restraint
  • computer modeling of the chassis
  • accelerometers of the driver’s ears
  • seven-post shakers
  • occupant modeling of the driver cockpit area

In Japan, there’s also steps that are developed to enhance car crash sensors such as the AVM or the Around View Monitor, which features includes digital cameras in the front and back of the autos, as well as in the sideview mirrors.

Inevitable risks

Danger will always be a part of racing. Heck, it is a part of life. I had experienced more than a few accidents over the years. In the course of it all, when racing, we should combine safety measures and instinctsbut also take responsibility for our actions.