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The racing cars of a lifetime: Darrell Waltrip’s collection

Posted in darrel waltrip, racing cars with tags , on December 3, 2007 by vastine

darrell waltrip 

I was in North Carolina and was about to give a check to Darrell Waltrip in exchange for one of his racing cars. He was beaming and wished me well and told me to take care of his baby and treat it like my own.  He shook my hand and I drove to the crisp afternoon in my (his) Volkswagen Camaro going to a downtown race.  Every person only had three emotions when they saw me driving Darrell Waltrip’s racing ride;  disbelief. envy, and amazement.

Ok, sounds too good to be true. Even for a dream.  But I can dream, can I?

Tell me, would you dream the same when the racing cars  that you’ll be driving were once in the hands of  a three-time  champion of the NASCAR Winston Cup, one-time Daytona 500 winner, who is presently a FOX television commentator, and a columnist and who also a book devoted to his racing career?  I bet you will. 

His precious stash are  safely cradled in his home at North Carolina.  One could only wonder how we can get our hands in his treasured racing cars which are:

  • Mercury – He won his first NASCAR Nextel Cup race car riding this sweet thing
  • Volkswagen Camaro -Landed at the top  of the Daytona 1978 with this baby
  • Nova –  Gave him top spots at  Late Model Sportsman races all over the Southeast with this ride
  • Penzoil – Pulled him from oblivion during the his dark racing times in the late 80’s

These four cars played the most important roles in his racing career.  These cars gave him the respect and fame and greatness that he is known right now.  Maybe one day I can go and have  a couple of beers with him ( even if I don’t drink) and take those racing cars for a spin.