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Kindergarten driving’s eternal questions answered

Posted in driving questions with tags on December 24, 2007 by vastine

Kindergarten driving’s eternal questions answered

The first time is usually the hardest.

All car racers began as average drivers. I remember when I first learned how to drive. My uncle was the one who showed me the moves. Came home from school during a weekend when I was 13 and his car was parked in front of our house. He asked me to go with him somewhere and without any questions I went with him without asking if my folks knew where we were going. Later on I found out he didn’t asked their permission if he can “steal” me for a few hours. Got home to an “angry mob of two”, if you know, what I mean.

He drove me to my dad’s construction site made me sat in the driver’s seat. Said that he’ll be teaching me how to drive. He let a 13-year old lad to carelessly steer his precious wheels. He taught me for 5 weeks. During that time and even I was permitted by my folks to drive by myself, I asked him so many questions and I would like to share his answers. Those of which I can still remember, mind you.

  • How does the hold button work?

It varies. It is usually used in winter countries where snow slippery is virtually inescapable. This is usually also on slippery roads. Upon pressing this button, your engines will run smoothly and switch gears to around 2,500 rpm. Another good thing is, well, theoretically speaking, you will be able to save on fuel because you’re running on lower engine speeds.

  • Is a humming steering wheel bad news?

Definitely. Means you have a filthy oil system. The whole fluid system should be drained completely with the appropriate power steering fluid recommended by your car manufacturer.

  • What in the world is a grounding wire kit? Can it be used for all types of cars?

It’s actually an accessory for any car. Functions as a supplement for your car’s electronics accessories. But make sure to sought an auto electrician’s assistance to install this.

  • Do cars really smell in the morning?

What do you mean smell?

  • Like, every morning, when I start the engines, I smell gas for about 5 seconds. Is that normal?

Oh, ok. Yes, that is just normal. This is made to add more fuel to your car so that the engine won’t stumble because there’s too much oil and circulation is still low. Should be gone in 5 seconds as it has reached the correct pressure and circulation.

Those were the “kindergarten” questions that I asked him and I remembered he answered them with all enthusiasm. Until now, I still do ask him questions and the vigor is still there. With him, I still have a lot to learn. When I told him that, he said we all still have something to learn no matter how old or skilled we are.