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Confessions of a racing addict who hasn’t been to rehab

Posted in racing, racing addict with tags , on January 4, 2008 by vastine

This is part two of my previous post, you know, why it best to race at night. Truth of the matter is, this is the sequel of my parent’s rant regarding my late night motor racing escapades days before new year.My dad went into my room the following morning and sat in my bed and told me directly and sternly to stop racing at night. I was half-awake when he told that awakening nightmare. It wasn’t surprising really because we had “the” racing talk in the past but the difference was he didn’t had any intros, just a plain yet authoritative command.

That command only drove me to a some kind of rebellion. As I washed my face, I was feeling excited and anticipating for another race. It’s like the more I was being hindered to race, the more I was drove to racing madness. Called up my friends and asked them if we can meet up that night and for some reason, they were all unavailable with all excuses given. I became depressed and can’t look at my car and motorcycle for I felt that one look can make me drive it and it will drive my dad to the hospital.

Made a reflection two days after new year and my light bulb moment came. Have come up with the rationales why racers race even if the whole world doesn’t want you to.

  • IT’S FUN

Yeah, I know. Sounds like a kid’s reason. But it is fun. Makes one ultimately grateful that someone patiently taught them how to drive.


All racers can relate to this. The faster you go, the more freedom you feel thus making you go faster than ever. I wonder if there have been racers who went to Betty Ford or Promises due to racing addiction.


Well, this goes for those who go professional racing. Have featured in my previous posts the car racing teams that earn multimillions. If you choose racing as your bread and butter, and have the right connections and willing to give it your all, then the earnings are going to increase a hundredfold by each day.

Seven days sober

It has been almost a week since I last went motor racing. I’m sober now, so to speak. I have looked at my car and though the temptation is still there, I just managed to clean it profusely. My dad was smiling when he saw me cleaning the garage after I cleaned my car. I love my dad, that’s why I’m laying low. Don’t want him making trips to the hospital. What consoles me is that what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.