Who am I

Vastine Chater’s bloodline can be traced from three races. He was born to a Chinese father and a Spanish- American mother. Was born on Burbank, California on May 18, 1980 and raised in Chengdu, China. His schooling consisted of learning Mandarin in a local Chinese school by day and learning English and Spanish before dinner time. Both of his parents are in the construction business so he spent most of his playtime amidst the trucks and pile of cement. He was often teased by his Chinese classmates who have virtually no eyelids because he inherited his mom’s genes. No trace of a Chinese descent there.

Though it looks like that his parents exposed him to the ins and outs of the lucrative business of construction, he was taught of every skill a kid should (which unfortunately not all child get) learn. If he was not being tutored on language, he was taught how to play the piano, how to skate, how to tee in golf, and how to drive. But when the time came to pursue a higher education, he went to UCLA to study neurosurgery. Now, he is currently back in Chengdu and is one of the resident neurosurgeons in a local and established hospital there at the tender age of 28.

Though his life seem figured out and grounded, Vastine has one interesting and risky hobby, motor and car racing. It is only in this blog that he can openly share how he sneaks out to race in the mountains of Chengdu and all things imaginable and unimaginable about his motor and car racing. His alter ego’s dream is to become household name in the world of car racing. In a twisted turn of nature, his sister, Angela, see, to outdo him in this area. Not that he really minds, anyway, for she’s the one who saves his gut when he sneaks out to race.


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