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Drag racing won’t necessarily take you six feet under

Posted in drag racing with tags on November 23, 2007 by vastine

People commonly perceive drag racing as a deadly sport. Heck, they consider every racing sport as fatal. Not going to blame them, though. We racers can’t go at every nook and cranny of this globe to advocate racing, drag racing to be specific. A racer by heart can only continue to race and race and be alive so the general public can realize that doing drag racing is not an automatic ticket to moving on to the next life.

What I’m trying to say is that every sport can put you in a life and death situation. Just don’t put the blame entirely to drag racing. What one doesn’t know will definitely scare the wits out of them. And one way to take away the stigma is to know the past of drag racing. As they say, a person needs to look behind first in order to move forward, just take a mere LOOK.

Also, you need to be aware of the basic know-hows of the racing world. Fill your mind with the things below to be alive after the race:

  • Explore ways to take care of your prized wheels
  • Know the safety systems
  • Follow driving SOPs, and
  • Select the right tires

I’m not a hypocrite, just to pacify the violent reactors. The death toll in drag racing can’t be just brushed off. What’s important is that you prepare yourself. Death is inevitable. No one can escape this life cycle. You can evade it for some time, but we’ll all face it, be it in drag racing or another situation.