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Car racing gears to keep you alive and driving

Posted in car racing with tags , , on January 10, 2008 by vastine

Even if car racers seem fearless when in the road, the desire of staying alive has never been so strong.People view car racing as dangerous and life-threatening sport. I admit that it is not the safest sport in the world and I had my share of more than a few bumps and scratches when I went car racing.

Danger is something car racers and every one of us have to face. A car racer’s consolation and joy besides finishing the race is the reality that he or she got out of the car still breathing and with 10 toes and fingers.

Safety in car racing is not just supplied by prayers and knowledge. There are car racing tools that are needed to be attached to the car so that we won’t get burnt just like a burnt toast.

  • Firesuits

Now this is a no-brainer but the importance is slightly underrated because wearing one feels skimpy and uncomfortable. These suits are basically fire-proof racing uniforms. But them again, it depends on the extent of the fire. It is ideal if one will get a one-piece multilayered firesuit so as to cover all body parts and more protection.

  • Fuel Cell

This is a energy conversion device with electrochemical properties. Its main function is to keep the fuel from flooding on the track so as to avoid fire.

  • Helmets

The importance of wearing a helmet is stresses all over again. But I admit that I am one of those who are guilty of not covering my head when I go car race. But I’m really working on that now. But for the pros, wearing an auto racing helmet is a requirement and a necessity. An auto racing helmet has a more specialized form than the normal one. It has three layers and the pros wear the closed-face ones.

  • Gloves

Of course, this is for the hands. The importance is too a big deal to not be realized. But be very cautious in putting on one. One should choose the pair of gloves that is most comfortable and has multiple layers as well.

  • Seatbelts

Again, a no-brainer but again, I was one of those who was not a big supporter of seatbelts for the simple yet irrational feeling that my movements were limited. I then discovered that the trick is to get seatbelts that can be easily loosened or tightened but can support your body in the most secured way.

Instincts and gears go hand in hand

When choosing these gears, one should try them one out first and foremost. I remember that initially I went for the ones that looked good on my car. Sure. The price also spells some degree of reliability. The trick is to ask questions upon buying and ask the ones who really know their stuff. You know you got a good deal when you feel less strained when wearing them and the composition passed the safety standards. Drive safe and have fun on the road. Most of all, these gears should bring the fun in us, not the stress.