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Features of a race car demo you shouldn’t pass on

Posted in race car demo features with tags on December 11, 2007 by vastine

Features of a race car demo you shouldn’t pass on

Like the speed but afraid of getting behind the wheels? Then, a race car demo is a good way to take.

Sibling rivalry

Angela, my good old reliable sister, she is if she feels to act like one, got jealous when our dad gave me a motor cycle for my 16th birthday. She hid in her room for the rest of the night and threatened not to go to school anymore. She was the sporty girl, my mom reasoned. But I thought back then that she just wanted to get what I had. But she’s a good sister, nonetheless.

Since she was a daddy’s girl, or whatever term you call it, our dad bought her a race car demo two days after. I got to play it maybe once or twice a month. That’s it.

Being the younger between the two of us, I just decided to get myself a race car demo to be the bigger person. See the antithesis there? Through the years I bought around 5 for my nephews and god sons and have realized that even though they serve the same purpose, there are things that spell the difference which you should consider.

Here are the things you can consider when buying a race car demo:

  • Features real race car tracks. This has an educational purpose. Especially if you’re going to give it to a kid or someone who has no knowledge whatsoever of what race car is.
  • Includes beginner to difficulty levels. A 5-level race car demo is ideal for full familiarization.
  • Awards oriented. The prizes should also be counterparts of real life race car awards.
  • Supreme sound effects. A race car demo should resonate the actual sound of races.
  • Displays cutting edge graphics. Visuals are the main retention factor especially for kids and beginners.
  • Multiplayer functionality.What’s a race if you’re the only one in the track? Make sure it has the multiplayer feature so that they can also share the thrill to their friends. Less hassle than guarding them while they play in the park. Experienced that with my 8 year old nephew.

Realism is the key

Main thing to remember is get a race car demo that closely reflects rea-life car racing. The more realistic, the better and more enjoyable it’ll be. And this is not for kids only, it’s for all who are kids at heart and loves speed.